Making Inferences

Read the text below and choose the best answers.
One day, Bob watches the news on TV about a robbery in a bank. That’s where his father works! He feels scared and calls his dad, but no one answers. Suddenly, the door bell rings. It’s Dad! He comes back with a loaf of bread. He doesn’t go to work. ‘Why are you crying, Bob? It’s my holiday today. Let’s have breakfast now and go to the museum,’ says Dad.
  1. Bob cries because he __________.
  2. thinks his dad is a robber

    wants to go to the museum

    doesn’t have breakfast and feels hungry

    thinks his dad is in the bank when the robbery happens

Special offers for customers in August and September:
✧    Breakfast (7 am – 11am): $1 for one pork bun
✧    Lunch (11 am – 2 pm): Free salad with the coupon
✧    Afternoon tea (2 pm – 6 pm): 10% off on all orders
✧    Dinner (6 pm – 10 pm): Free dessert with the seafood set
*Get one free Chinese dish when you spend over $300.
  1. How can Charlie’s family get a free roast duck?
  2. order the seafood set

    spend $500

    go to the restaurant at 1 pm

    order and use the coupon