Skimming for Gist

Read the text below and choose the best answers.
Chapter Contents Page
One How to choose a pet? 1
Two Spend time with your pets 4
Three Train your pets 6
Four Give your pets love and care 8
  1. Leo wants to train his dog. He can turn to page __________.
  2. one




Dear Uncle Ben,
I am going to perform a play on the Christmas Eve. I want to invite you to come. I wish to share my happiness and celebrate Christmas with you.
Date: 24th December, 20XX
Time: 4 – 5 pm
Venue: Happy Valley Hall
Please tell my mum if you are coming. I am looking forward to seeing you!
  1. Kelsie writes this letter to her uncle because she wants to __________.
  2. invite him to come to her performance

    celebrate Christmas with him

    share her happiness

    perform a play