Making References

Read the text below and choose the best answers.
Terry: Oh! The model car is going fast!
Icy: Where is it? I can’t see it.
Terry: Under the dining table. It is turning around and around.
Icy: Look! It is in the living room now. Oh! It is going to hit the cabinet.
Terry: Oh no! My new model car…
  1. The word ‘It’ refers to the __________.
  2. dining table

    living room

    model car


27th January, 20XX
Today is my birthday. My parents hold a party for me. They invite all my best friends. There are different games. My mum prepares a lot of food such as chicken wings, sandwiches and jelly. They are all very tasty. I get many presents from my friends, too. I am happy and I feel grateful to everyone!
  1. The word ‘They’ refers to the __________.
  2. party games

    party food