Text type Questions

Read the text below and choose the best answers.
4th January, 20XX
Dear Christopher,
    I hope you have had a good time at Christmas. Thank you for your Christmas card. The drawings are colourful. I love the fat Santa Claus on it a lot. He’s so cute.
    Last week, my friend Sarah came to visit me from India. We went to the zoo and some other landmarks in Australia. I was very happy to see her. She is staying with us for two weeks.
    I miss you and your parents very much. Do you want to spend your Easter holiday here with us? If so, please let me know.
Aunt Amy

  1. What is Christopher reading?
  2. an invitation card

    a letter

    an e-mail

    a thank-you card

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  1. This is __________.
  2. a report

    a magazine article

    an order form

    a leaflet